Lethal Love of Mine

by Ben Holland

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released November 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Ben Holland London, UK

Staying one step ahead of my feet.

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Track Name: Lethal Love of Mine
Lips all in bloom with a bad blood
Still drowning down in your home town flood
I'd offer my hand but it wouldnt do no good
Lethal love of mine

Only young when I first met you
Gave me years to regret you
No I never could quite forget you
Lethal love of mine

Older now I see we were too young
Further now I see where we went wrong

Candle burning in the evening
Says that I'll soon be leaving
No I never could stop believing
In that lethal love of mine
Track Name: Oslo One Afternoon
The beast waited all night long
He waited for thunder to test out his bomb
To see that it worked as it should
To check it could kill all that it could
And the uniform that he wore
Was chosen to fool all those that saw
He was dressed as a man of the law

Oslo midsummer afternoon
Brocken glass sugar-dusts the room
The ministry of justice in bits
Sirens scream as the terror hits
A witness reports what she saw
Someone with a pistol in an unmarked car
Dressed as a man of the law

Twenty five miles away
On an island in the middle of a lake
As a light rain began to fall
A man across the water made a call
Fooled the ferryman with a wave of his jaw
Soon after arrived on the shore
Dressed as a man of the law

He called a group to gather round
Then he drew his gun, laid them to the ground
Some broke and ran for their lives
Others played dead to survive
Some could'nt move anymore
As the gunman walked up and away from the shore
Dressed as a man of the law

In the school house they blocked up the door
A boy kept watch on the horrors he saw
Fear on the edge of insanity
The scene fit the keyhole just like a key
And he felt like he'd seen him before
Deep in a nightmare now buried no more
Dressed as a man of the law

Gunshot clapped off the trees
As she staggered and stumbled and fell to her knees
A smile broke on his face
We are all the sons of our time and our place
And she wondered what daughters were for
As that son of a bitch became the last thing she saw
Dressed as a man of the law

Through the fear some became brave
One kept twenty three alive in a cave
While nearby for mercys sake
More than fifty survivors pulled from the lake
And the police finaly made it to the shore
And arrested a beast in the same clothes they wore
Dressed as a man of the law

Oslo as the evening came
Eight body bags for the eight who were slain
On the island lay sixty nine dead
As fascism once again reared its head
Have we forgotten what we'd beaten it for
The same question came as before
Dressed as a man of the law
Track Name: Dear Marksman
I remember well I thought I was a victim
As I was driven shackled through the street
The toungues and the lashes flashed in rhythm
But memory delt the blow of my defeat

I tried to hold my laughter at the alter
But the joke of it was more than I could bare
Then I became my own betrayer
When I left all that mattered standing there

I beg you dear marksman have mercy
Aim well for the heart that let her down
And spare my eyes to watch her beauty
She leads me down to my dying ground

Lead me down to bleed me in the river
Let the river draw the life from my veins
Then wash your sweet hands in the water
And turn and begin your life again

Through love I have known heaven
And felt the hell only fairwell can bring
Now its over, I can say for certain
I never truly understood a thing
Track Name: Red Blues
Key on the table
Tells me I'm free
But I can't find the door
To fit the key
There's gaps in the space
In the wholes in my shoes
Deep down in the red
And I'm feelin the blues

One of these days I'm gonna turn myself in
Then I'll get time to think of you
Every now and then

Poor boy askin for directions
Excuse me sir, how'd you get to wealth?
Rich man smiles
Behind his last cigar
sayin sorry son
I'm just as lost myself

One of these days I'm gonna turn myself in
Then I'll get time to think of you
Every now and then

See that politician
Reloading his gun
Smile on his face
Like he's the only one
To ever tell a lie
And live to tell the tale
Everybody but you
Got something for sale

One of these days I'm gonna turn myself in
Then I'll get time to think of you
Every now and then

Now and then
I'm not ashamed to cry
Not scared of strangers
Not afraid of goodbye
Chained to my shadow
That follows me around
I've heard my echo's
Been talkin me down

One of these days I'm gonna turn myself in
Then I'll get time to think of you
Every now and then

Romeo and Juliet
They walked an easy line
Like to see them snatch a kiss
In these troubled times
Never had a clearer thought
Than when they marched me up the hill
One thing dosen't get you
Then the other surely will

Alls well that ends well
But it nerer seems to end
But then I'll get time to think of you
Every now and then